Day Three

Today was much easier as far as the cravings. They’re still there but the edge of desperation is gone. Also I skipped lunch due to a busy day at work and survived fine by leaning heavy on the trail mix.

Dinner was baked fish again with corn and potatoes.

Which, speaking of, the corn has to go. It’s hard to describe but I can tell it’s hurting more than helping. I’m sure a nutritionist can tell you why and I’m sure it has something to due with the sugar content (they do make corn syrup out of corn) but all I know is that I’m craving it and its not the good kind of craving. I crave it like I crave bread pudding or a candy bar.

So it’s out.

Another interesting point is that I got to top of seven flights of stairs and didn’t have to lie on the floor of the garage to catch my breath and get my vision to clear. I just had to stand there and hold on to the nearest car and catch my breath and allow my vision to clear.

I did not realize I was this out of shape. I used to be a runner and enjoyed it. But this is pathetic.

I’ll stick to the plan. Two weeks of stairs and then I may start running again.


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