Day Five

Today’s observations include a further reduction in cravings and an increase in energy levels. I’m taking two steps at a time on the stairs and it’s still kicking my butt but in a good way. When I do two steps, it’s harder on the legs and I can feel it pull in the abs as well.

I’ve also naturally reduced my coffee intake. By naturally I mean that I didn’t have to think about it. Suddenly I was down to two cups and that just seemed to be enough. That’s down from at least five spread across the course of a morning.

I got stuck out and went with a grilled chicken wrap from a fast foot joint for dinner. Had a meeting to go to and there were refeshments and none of it was on the diet. To be honest, I nibbled on a pretzel stick and had a cheese puff but that was it. Neither tasted very good. Too salty.

I’m not losing weight as fast as I did when I went hardcore paleo but I’m past Day Five and I am losing weight so I’ll stay the course.

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