A new beginning . . .

My quest for a reasonable dietary lifestyle that will deliver health and energy with minimal expense and that can stand the burdens and temptations of everyday life has lead me to this moment in time. Here I will commit and begin a chronicle of an experiment that puts everything I’ve observed and learned through many years and countless variations of diets and lifestyles into play. My hope is that if I record the means and methods as I go, I can pin down what works and what doesn’t and solve the riddle of health and sustenance in a modern environment.
Modern life is not conducive to modern health. Fast food, processed food, toxins both deliberate and unintentional saturate the average lifestyle and the health of the average American is all the proof one needs that a change is necessary.
But change to what? The options are endless but what works and what doesn’t? Who’s right and who’s milking the common fat phobia to get an extra buck?
Well, the short answer is every diet may be right for someone out there but most will be wrong and few will have a lasting effect. Personally, I believe that each person should get the facts and adjust their lifestyles to suit their goals and standards of health.
That being said, what are my standards of health? Simply put, I want to feel good. I want energy and I want to eliminate nagging health conditions that may be due to or encouraged by certain foods. So my experiment begins with discovering foods that deliver energy and well-being and eliminating everything else. But I will not starve and I will enjoy food.
The logic is simple. We are born to this planet and we should be able to thrive on the sustenance within the life-cycle. Our food shouldn’t be killing us. And living well shouldn’t be outside of the average income. There has to be a way to live and thrive within the environment that we evolutionarily grew up in.
I think I’m close to a solution. I think I’ve spotted the common elements that contribute to weight gain, bad health and chronic conditions and now its time to use myself as the guinea pig and put it all into practice.
Keep in mind that I am not trying to lose weight but, having dabbled with this lifestyle before, I can tell you that it is a definite side effect. And the lifestyle is simple. I cut out or drastically reduce three things that, in my experience, appear to lead to weight gain and chronic conditions. It requires a bit of planning sometimes and a bit of compromise but the effects are remarkable. I’ll share the effects, the challenges and solutions in the form of a daily journal for next thirty days although I can guarantee other topics will slip in from time to time. I consider a good online rant a great way to reduce stress.
I am not a doctor or a scientist and this will be nothing more that a recording of my own experiences. If you plan any major dietary change or plan to start a new excercise regime, consult your doctor.

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